Custom Glazed Pieces

AAA mini bone china "Tennessee Walking Horse" in Big Lick style sculpted by Donna Chaney of England and produced by Alchemy Ceramics in open edition bisques. This particular piece stands about 3 inches tall. It has been custom glazed to a matte finished, black loud sabino pinto by myself and completed in September of 2007. This is a fine piece with subtle mapping in his pattern that my camera does not pick up well. His detailing includes red and yellow show braids, glossed blue eyes with soft dark grey pupils, pink nose and other pink skin areas, and white gold luster overglaze for chain and shoe silver accents. I am extremely fond of how well this piece turned out but very frustrated with how difficult it was to photograph - he looks so much better in person. :( I will try to retake better photos of this piece before he is shipped out to his new home.

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