Painted Resins

This is the large mini scale "Spinnaker" resin sculpted by the incrediably talanted Sarah Minkiewicz-Breunig and released exclusively to members of the Realistic Equine Sculpture Society. Being a member for some years now I have the pleasure to have limited access to this fine little sculpture. Originally intended to be a gelding, I think he makes a fine feral horse or pony stallion, so I have added that little bit of anatomical detail. Because he is a tippy resin, I have also mounted him onto his own personalized base. If any of the images do not load, please hit the refresh button until they do.

This piece has been finished to a dappled yellow dun by myself, Paige Easley Patty of Hanblechia Studio in November, 2005. I have imagined him as a Kiger mustang stallion snorting his steamy breath into the cold morning air and pawing the freshly fallen early season mountain snow. His base has been detailed as though the thin first snow is already melting around the edges, leaving islands of glistening crystals punched through with muddy hoof prints. There is a detail shot of his base at the bottom of this page.

Some of the details in this piece include bronzy-brown and black mixed mane and tail with individual hair accents, detailed hairs in the feathers, growth rings on his dark grey hooves, expressive eyes, leg barring and dun factoring "mask" with barbed dorsal and shoulder bar, strong pangare with creamy dappling from below, and a faintly metalic golden sheen to his coat - which has not yet grown in thick and wooly for the approaching winter months. Unlike the previous lightly sooty yellow dun I did on the AA Welsh Cob mare, this dun intentionally has very strong agouti black legs and lacks the diluted creamy frosting on either side of his mane and tail.

This is one of my all time favorite resins, mini or otherwise, and a great pleasure to work on - so you'll see more of this sculpture finished by me in the coming years! This particular piece sold on ebay and is now owned by Melissa Hart.

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