Custom Glazed Pieces

AAA mini standing Welsh stallion custom glazed to a lightly dappled pale grey by Paige Easley Patty of Hanblechia Studio, September 2006. Now named "Cymeric Laird", he has been completed with fired underglazes to cone 04, with a satin finish fired to cone 06, and is signed by his finishing artist underneath his base. This piece debuted in the show ring at DART Live with a 1st place and NAN card in his breed class. This piece has been sold.

This is a fairly simple piece, rich in detail that my camera is loath to pick up in these photos. I have completed him to a typical Welsh coloring with soft, subtle dappling and lighter vascular marks up through the dark points on his legs, hints of veining elsewhere. He has soft neck wrinkles at both throat latch and on either side of the base of his neck, behind his elbows, and around his lips. His eyes have carefully been finished with multiple colors and individual strands of hair have been detailed subtly in both his mane and tail. Cymeric Laird also sports a star and pink snip, and one light colored back leg and hoof. Doesn't he have a sweet face? :}

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