Meija'hyn: IC character history

To best understand Meija'hyn, one must be familar with some of Umbar's past. Long ago Desert Tower's Steward, Hab'ibn Sahyn, took over the rulership of the tower when his beloved wife, the Lady Ayrelthia died. The Black Nuemenorian Lord prefered his work to be less public, and more behind the scenes - so he had quietly ruled Desert Tower from behind the previous Tower Lord's daugher, his Lady wife. Often times the stately Hab'ibn Sahyn would depart Umbar for extended periods of time. It was rumored that he traveled to Gondor where he maintained estates in Anfalas and posed as a Lord in that region, spying on Prince Imrahil's Court. On the side at some point while still Steward of Desert, Hab'ibn Sahyn unknowingly sired a child upon an exceptionally beautiful Narakshi tribal woman, of whom he was very fond. Fearing for both her own life, and the life of her unborn child, as well as the scorn and estrangement she would undoubtedly face from her own tribe, the woman departed Desert Tower and went into hiding. She was forced to become a prostitute in order to survive in Umbar on her own, and care for her child. That child was Meija'hyn.

Years passed, and Lord Hab'ibn Sahyn, regal and long lived Black Nuemenorian of Umbar, eventually became increasingly interested in the affairs of Gondor, rather than his homeland. He took once again to the sea and left for those foriegn shores, never to return. No one knows for certain if his true identity was uncovered in Anfalas and he was put to death, or whether he might still dwell there to this day. Whichever the case, Desert Tower was left to the Lord's capable Captain, Suldarthen, who eventually succeeded to the Desert Tower's Lordship. All this while, Meija'hyn was growing up on the streets of Umbar, the daughter of a whore, herself a begger, a thief, and petty informant. Only her mother, and Hab'ibn Sahyn's trusted mute Narakshi retainer T'halla, knew Meija'hyn's real origins. The plague that ravaged Umbar in those years took the life of the Narakshi mother, leaving the halfbreed girl to fend for herself - most often posing as a young boy in order to try and escape her mother's own occupation. Having a son himself, T'halla remained at Desert Tower and did what he could to keep his former Lord's child from harm.

In time, the very clever and capable young woman made herself indespensiable to the most wicked of powers in the city of Umbar as a source of information gathering. She herself was not a wicked, dishonorable person - but it was a far better lving than eating rats to keep from starving. This line of work and her personal ethics about it oft got her into a great deal of trouble, but it also made her some powerful friends and allies. Eventually word did get out who her sire had been, though the original source is not known.

The course of Meija'hyn's life shifted, and with T'halla's help she settled into Desert Tower life as a loyal servant and promising adopted child of Lord Suldarthen and Lady Sennet. Anyone who had known of Lord Hab'ibn Sahyn's influence within the Assasin's Guild, and the mute Narakshi T'halla's own occupations, would not be surprised that the girl was manuvered into such luck. Meija even aquired the protection and adoration of her Grace, the Lady Naiara, who was both the Lady of Flame Tower with her Lord Torus, and also the High Priestess of the Dark Citadel. Among Meija's other allies, she eventually cultivated a friendship with the fabled former Tower Lord Namir, and the lady of House Hassad and Farside Tower, Arali. It turned out that Meija'hyn's own mother was the sister of the Lady Arali's Narakshi mother. This in turn made Meija'hyn cousin to the Chieftain of the Narakshi tribe, Leuthyn.

With her new role in life, Meija'hyn was becoming an increasingly refined lady of Desert Tower, and was Lord Suldarthen and Lady Sennet's heir to that succession if she proved capable. Unfortunately, through a serious of complicated events, the Lady Sennet was abducted by the Narakshi Chieftain, Leuthyn, to be taken for his own wife! Rumors conflict, but it was known that the Lord Suldarthen had fallen out of love with his Lady wife and that she had in turn, in a very brief period, grown fond of the Narakshi Chieftain. Unsurprisingly, this put a strain on Lord Suldarthen's relationship with Meija'hyn even though she and her Chieftain cousin were not on friendly terms.

Inconcievably the Lord Suldarthen seems to have lost some portion of his sanity over the abduction, and pursued the Narakshi Chieftain relentlessly. Alas for all, the Lady Sennet was herself either lost to the desert or died of some ill that only Leuthyn knew of (child birth) - he grieved deeply for her loss. When finally he returned to Umbar, the Narakshi Chieftain slew the Lord of Desert Tower, thus taking the tower as his own. Oddly enough, Leuthyn had no intention whatsoever of becoming a Tower Lord, and eventually worked out a complicated scheme allowing Captain Miragor to ascend to that vaulted position. In return, Lord Miragor was to pay an annual tribute in gold to the Narakshi tribe. Needless to say, this all put the young lady Meija'hyn into a difficult situation. Because her mother was considered outcast and unclean by the tribe, she was not on good terms with Leuthyn or her mother's people.

Lost, suddenly without direction in her life, Meija'hyn turned her studies to the Worship of the Eye and the Dark Citadel. At this time events in the world were unfolding that included the arrival of an embassy from the far Easterling Empire and the city of Riavod on behalf of their King Zhamik. Long ago the Easterlings and Harad had again and again forged alliance through marriage. King Zhamik sent a proposal to renew such ties and requested of Umbar to allow him a suitable bride. To everyone -except- Meija'hyn, she seemed to be the perfect choice! A young woman, at least partly of noble blood, one who would have become a Lady of her own Tower in Umbar in time had circumstances proven differently, and one whom now seemed in need of a direction for her life. It was also a very convenient solution to several problems if Umbar could get rid of the young woman. And so it was arranged, despite Meija'hyn's misgivings on the matter. She stealed herself to accept such a fate, and to prepare herself accordingly. After all, she would become Zhamik's Queen in Riavod. That was surely better than going back to the streets or a life of survitude to the Dark Citadel and the Eye of Mordor, wasn't it?

From "Rat Hunter" of the streets, to elegant lady in training suitable for a King's court, Meija'hyn was laden with many fine gifts from all of the Towers of Umbar, then set off for the Far Northlands. It took many months for the journy through distant and frightening lands, escorted in part by personal from all of the Towers of Umbar, and even a handful of Leuthyn's Narakshi Outriders. These attendees remainded with the young Haradrim woman until the following spring when she was wed to King Zhamik - then they departed and traveled south. All departed her but one faithful Narakshi servant who adored his lady, named Abdullah. This was T'halla's son from Desert Tower and like an older brother in Meija'hyn's eyes - alas for his poor, silent heart.

But the young Haradrim bride was not at all happy in Riavod. Unbeknownst to her before, King Zhamik was horridly disfigured with much of his face scarred from old battle. He was also much older than her, and totally strange. It took time to understand this many layered man, but she settled into her position and actually came to pity, and then love Zhamik, bearing the King a son. Whatever happiness there might have been for them was short lived.

Political and religious conflict among the Easterling clans and Mordor was too much for Zhamik. It was said that it strained Zhamik's already damaged mind, and he began a descent into maddness. He became incrediably jealous and protective of his elegant wife and had her imprisoned within a tower of Riavod. Their toddler son was taken for fostering among the most loyal Easterling clan to Zhamik's house - to shed the mother's poisonous Haradrim influence.

Zhamik himself abandoned Riavod and there began the very long campaign that would eventually esculate into an all out war between the Easterling Empire, Mordor, and Harad. Before Mordor marched into the city, Zhamik was slayn by an assassin's arrow. Patient, silent Abdullah wasted no time in securing Meija'hyn's release and took her to find her son among the Easterling clans. In removing her from Riavod on the eve of Mordor's victory, he surely saved her life. In the end, Mordor triumphed, uttery obliterated Riavod, and scattered the very few remaining survivors. No one there knows what became of the imprissoned Haradrim Queen or the King's heir except for that faithful, long forgotten Narakshi retainer and body guard, Abdullah. He brought Meija'hyn and her son Zhamhain out of that hell and back to Umbar...

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