Rhiforath/Rhifaroth IC History - Time Line

Name: Rhiforath was a corruption of the Sindarin for Crown Hunt, or one would hunt or watch for the Crown. A kenning intended to mean that one who's heart would seek the Return of the King to Gondor. Rhif, however, had very little formal schooling himself as a boy and shirked his studies, thereby learning Sindarin more by working with the Rangers of Ithilien, and in study in later, idler years in Minas Tirith and Dol Amroth. When he better understood the meaning of his own name, he altered the spelling slightly to Rhifaroth. Indeed, in several of the RP logs recorded (I shall add links), others so called him long before he became aware of the subtle difference himself. The continuing imperfection of his name suited him well enough, since he considered himself imperfect, or flawed. His intentions yet remain pure even if others have sometimes had difficulty precieving them. See appended note at bottom.

**Date of IC Birth: September 29th, 2998 - Father: Dunirk Seregon (deceased, Siege of Pelargir, 3010-ish) Former Sgt/Master of Arms, Hosts of Gondor. Mother: Annaduial Telumehtar-Seregon (deceased at Rhifaroth's birth, 2998) Lady of House Telumnehtar, Minas Tirith.

**3008 to roughly 3011 was a long War with Mordor, that at the end included the Siege of Pelagir where Rhiforath’s sire, Stg. Dunirk Seregon (Stevor) was slayn. (Sargent was a rank in Minas Tirith before the ranks were restructured in the Hosts). Both Ravenwyr and Rhiforath were at Pelagir at that time. There are RP logs of some of the Siege.

**Roughly 3011, Ravenwyr and Lynnithia formally adopt NPC/puppet Rhiforath as their eldest son. Ravenwyr was my former character, ½ Dunedan Gondorian through his Ithilien sire Darbian Coruceil, and ½ Narakshi Haradrim. He arose from Man at Arms in the Minas Tirith Guard all the way up to eventually the rank of Commander of Lord Denethor’s Citadel Guard, 1st Division. For great acts of courage, and faithful service, he was awarded a nominal Lordship and a grant of land immediately proceeding his death in 3013 - of which Rhiforath was denied inheritance by Ravenwyr‘s old enemies. At Ravenwyr’s IC death, NPC/temp Rhiforath became a full fledged player character.

**Age of 16 years old as of May, 3014 (1998), Rhiforath joined the Minas Tirith Guard. The Oath RP log is here Rhiforath's MT Guard Oath. Rhiforath’s stepfather, Ravenwyr had been tried for High Treason (and eventually cleared) and then murdered in a setup, late the previous year. Being the adopted son of a famous man of questionable loyalty (to some) and of known Haradrim blood, Rhiforath had a very difficult time in the Minas Tirith Guard.

**Late 3015 (autumn) Mithrandir comes to Minas Tirith, seeking information about the recent war with Mordor, the Siege of Pelagir, and tidings of Umbar. Lord Boromir informs him of Rhiforath’s presence at that Siege and his connections with his late half Haradrim step-father, Ravenwyr. Rhiforath was known to have learned some Varadja and Haradaic from Ravenwyr and had been serving as a Scout for Captain Boromir in the upper Haradwaith on at least one excursion up to that point. Mithrandir befriends the boy and gains permission to use the lad as guide to take the old Wizard to Umbar, via the Poros Crossing where the Narakshi dwell. Very kewl RP logs - this was where Saruman the White was mentioned to Rhif ICly, and Radgast the Brown, etc A Night's Strole with Mithrandir (Part 1 of 2) and A Night's Strole with Mithrandir (Part 2 of 2) Rhif also got to meet an Eagle in that RP!

In that TP Rhiforath was supposed to guide Mithrandir to Umbar, and get him into contact with the Lady of Farside Tower, Arali - who was secretly the daughter of Ravenwyr by a Narakshi woman (long before Ravenwyr himself had joined the MT Guard). The idea was that Rhif would then, with Arali’s aid, depart Umbar and return to Gondor immediately, while leaving Mithrandir behind to do whatever he had come to do. But three were IC snags - the Lady Arali was gone to Dol Amroth to parley with Prince Imrahil for treaty, and was not aware of Rhiforath’s and Mithrandir’s arrival in the city. Rhiforath was discovered and routed as a Gondorian and was forced to flee, but Mithrandir was confronted by Witch-King that very eve that they tried to make escape. A horrendous battle ensued between those two, and the Man at Arms fled for his life at Gandalf's urging.

Whatever happened between Witch-King and Mithrandir was never learned by Rhiforath for he was captured and taken to the Seaward Tower and questioned, then briefly tortured by the Lord Black, Khazamr himself. When they were finished with the boy (who told them nothing, poor lad), he was bound in chains upon a galley slave ship - where Rhiforath was to remain for the next two years of his young life! One of his oar partners turned out to be an older Narakshi tribesman who began to teach him more Varadja so that the two could communicate. In time, Rhif also learned a good deal more Haradaic. During this time Rhiforath was recultured to Harad for about a bit less than a RL year.

**Roughly late in 3017 or early 3018, Rhiforath was brought to Seaward Tower along with other slaves to move quarried stones for a new construction at the Tower. While there, quite by accident, he was seen by and recognized by the Lady Arali, and her by him. She begged the Lord Khazamr for a boon and was given the Gondorian slave for her own. She took Rhiforath back to Farside Tower where she did her best to heal him unto recovery. There he remained for some months until he had strength again for longer travel. (There is a single log on the Elendor website dated 3018 from this period) That next summer in 3019-ish Arali sent him north with some of her own people, away from Umbar, where he finally connected again with the Narakshi tribe upon the Poros River.

There it was thought he remained for about the next two IC years, learning from Ravenwyr’s Narakshi Chieftain brother Leuthyn, what it was to be Narakshi and caught between Umbar, Mordor, and Gondor. (This was actually an inactive period while I did not play Rhiforath.) Rhiforath aquired status within the tribe (and the tattoos of those people) and then eventually returned north.

**Roughly early 3021 (2001 RL Date) I returned to playing Rhiforath in Gondor. By this time he returned to Minas Tirith, wearing Narakshi tribal garb and tattoos where upon he was immediately arrested for Desertion and imprisoned pending a Court Martial. Naturally, due to his step-father’s background and Rhif’s known last location was Harad, and possibly Umbar, charges of Treason were also brought against him. Through the faithful backing of a few old friends of Ravenwyr’s, lack of evidence, and the Lord Captain Boromir’s assistance, Rhiforath was eventually cleared. He was formally discharged from the Minas Tirith Guard as punishment but was promptly retained by Lord Boromir as a scout without rank (another log of this time is on the Elendor website). His faithful service in and around Pelagir and South Ithilien earned him re-admittance as a Man at Arms into the Minas Tirith guard but under the objections of several officers. Here's a battle log to see how Rhif got his butt kicked and nearly was killed in Poros River Attack!

**Roughly 3023 or 3024 Rhiforath was involved in a TP with Mordor and Harad, once again down at the Poros River area on the edge of South Ithilien (more RP logs on the elendor website). He served as a scout and Master At Arms to deal with the Narakshi there, as yet again Prince Imrahil met to parley with the Lady Arali of Farside Tower. Due to his unpopularity with the Minas Tirith guard, Rhiforath’s rank was fairly basic, but he got along splendidly with the Rangers of Ithilien. He also went briefly to Edoras in late 3023 (there’s a log that mentions him but he wasn’t in it) but after that time I must have stopped playing the character.


In the time since...

Rhiforath lingered in the Minas Tirith Guard for a good many years after, but acrued only a low officer's rank of Master of Arms for most of that period. Men who knew his background and heard tales of his long forrays into Harad, and his Step-father's illustrious past, were not often inclined to follow him as an officer. So Rhiforath continued some work in Ithilien with Faramir’s Rangers, under his Lord-Captain Boromir's orders, and down around the Poros River area of the northern Haradwaith as he was needed.

About the IC year of 3032, the Chieftain Leuthyn of the Narakshi tribe finally took the tribe south and east, disappearing into the sands of the far Khand desert - deserting the Poros River area and plaguing South Ithilien no more. This caused Rhiforath's particular specialties to become obsolete. So after a few years of tedious in-city duties within Minas Tirith itself, Rhifaroth honorably retired after a promotion to Lieutenant, with an accumilated 20 years of service, and accepted a pension. Lord Boromir released Rhifaroth reluctantly from his service.

Since that time, Rhiforath drifted south to Dol Amroth for a few years. His Step-mother, the lady Lynnithia dwelled on her family's lands some distance from that great city. He used that quieter time, living off funds he had scraped together and saved for most of his career in the Minas Tirith Guard, as well as his pension, to study. What did he study? Mostly history, lore, and languages... a smattering of Rohirric, and improving even his Sindarin. He had much to catch up on that he had neglected in his youth. And in so doing, very belatedly discovered the true meaning of his own name. Hense forth, Rhiforath subtly altered the spelling and called himself Rhifaroth. It was a turning point in his life even though he was quite unaware of it himself.

Rhifaroth turned his mind to other places and times, and thought of an elderly Wizard who once visited him on the plain north of Minas Tirith - Mithandir and the night of the Eagle. Of tales that wizened elder had bespoken on that night, so long ago in Rhifaroth's youth. Of dragons, and elves, of Councils of Wizards, of places distant and old, of stuggles of all that was good in the world against the Evil that Was.

And so it was that Rhifaroth, in his quiet studies, come briefly upon another man of Gondor in Dol Amroth, named Kylin. It was Kylin who put words into the ex-Minas Tirith Guard's ears, words of the lands north of the Ered Nimrais, of the Gap of Rohan, and Orthanc - abode of the White Wizard, Saruman. Words that told Rhifaroth that these places, that the White Wizard himself, were real and not just stories. If these legends and stories were true, then perhaps there might be some grain of truth in other legends closer to home and heart, in Gondor - stores of hope in the face of darkness.

Kylin's words stayed with Rhifaroth, and hounded him. And as before, he drifted... away from Dol Amroth, away from the last fragments of family ties and a troubled past. To the north and the west, along the mountains. His search for something he could not find had gained better focus - and what he needed most was a greater knowledge of the world than he knew. If Mithrandir had so long ago looked up and admired any for great wisdom, it seemed that he had honored the greatest of his own order above himself. Wishing only to serve mankind against the terror of the east, and perhaps to find something dear to Gondor long lost, Rhifaroth traveled north. In September of the year 3042, he arrived at Isengard.

There is now an RP log uploaded for the first RP with Saruman with Rhifaroth agreeing to become an Agent for the White Wizard. To view that log, go to Rhifaroth meets Saruman the White It's important to note that although the embittered Rhifaroth for the time being serves Saruman, he keeps close to his heart his original Oath, long ago, to the Minas Tirith Guard, to his Lord Denethor, to Gondor... and most imporantly to the King who shall Return. Another important thing to note is that at this time period, Saruman the White was only known as a good, pure hearted leader of the Council if Wizards, and greatly respected by all for his remarkable knowledge and wisdom. It is not until much later that Saruman's treachery is discovered. Rhifaroth would not serve such a man in any capacity, if he knew Saruman's true intentions. This temporary service he has entered into is a means to aid him also in his own search. Have the Valor forsaken Middle Earth and turned away, or is there still hope for a future for his people against He Whom Looms in the East?


Arrival at Bree!

Rhifaroth journied up through western Rohan where he had a brief entanglement and RP with some locals that included Dunstan, and Fally temping as a young girl. Rhifaroth managed to talk his way out of being escorted to Edoras and made his way north, carefully past Fangorn Forest, and up to Lorien on the Celebrant river. There, alas for Rhifaroth, he could find no means to cross the torrent. He made camp upon the river bank, staying clear of the Enchanted Wood, but at night an Elven Guard still came to interrogate him. I have an RP log of his event I will post later. Finding the Elves of Lorien to be less than civil towards him, not to mention their lack of hospitality, Rhifaroth backtracked and headed west, up into the Misty Mountains to brave orcs, and oncoming winter weather to find a safer river crossing.

Eventually, Rhifaroth made it up through the Gladden Fields and crossed the river to the Beorning Outpost. It showed signs of recent encampment and indeed, Rhifaroth found the High Pass blocked by an orc fortress! The Fortress was under siege... winter was coming on fast and soon the passes through the mountains would be blocked with snow until spring. Rhifaroth had to make a choice - stay at the Outpost all winter and help in the fight, or backtrack and try another way? He decided to try the Middle Pass, a bit further south that Saruman had earlier informed him he might have to use. If it was open he would go through on Saurman's errand and for his own interests, but if not he would return and aid in the fight on this side of the High Pass. Difficult to find, he eventually got through the Middle Pass.

Aside from hidden Rivendale, a home to more elves he had little hope of locating without a guide, Bree was the logical choice. In Bree he hoped to find news of the woman, Mathia, whom Saruman bid him seek out. From Bree also there were ruins in the area he wished greater knowledge of - of long lost Arnor of old.

Here is a log of Rhifaroth's very cold arrival at Bree, after months of travel since he left Dol Amroth late in the summer: Arrival at Bree! Here is a simular log, from about a week later into RP, also at Bree: Bree: Outside the North Gate

Unfortunately for Rhifaroth, not very long after his arrival while scouting around the countryside around Bree, he runs into a little problem. Or rather, it runs into him at night - a troll! THe first log of this series is here: Unexpected Visitor and his escape with help from a Ranger: Tzippy's Embrace and here is a log from his brief stay at a road side Inn not far from where the attack occured, afterwards; The Forsaken Inn and a scene from his telling of the tale, later in Bree, to the woman Muirgheal and two Rangers, Tale of a Troll . And then finally, Muirgheal and Rhifaroth go back out on the road to return to the location of the small troll's cave to bait and lure her out... so to make an attempt to recover Rhifaroth's lost long sword - on there is a surprise! Another, troll! Troll Baiting .

Oih! So much more has happened since then! I have more to add, and logs to edit... Rhifaroth has been very busy around Bree, and now has headed eastwards, traveling with the Rangers to meet the Morian Host at the Last Bridge. I'll start an entire new page once I have a few more logs editted and uploaded ASAP. Thank you!