Painted Resins

The two pieces on this page are both Sarah Rose mini "Nahar" resins that I have painted to very different kinds of chestnuts. This first piece is a bright red flaxen chestnut rabicano now owned by Kerry Walsh. Originally cast as an Arabian stallion, this particular mini has been altered to a mare with sculpted in vulva and teats, and has carefully fitted handmade lead-free metal shoes I made for her myself.

This second piece has not been sculpturally altered and is therefor still a stallion. Completed to a dark GOLDEN liver chestnut with a reddish-golden flaxen mane and tail, he is now owned by Anne-Li Mel of Sweden. As is common with my camera, his photos came out looking much more red tinted than the piece really is in person. His real color is much more like deep, burnished bronze after photos of a real horse the client sent for his color. He too has carefully hand fitted metal shoes I made just for him! Both of these pieces are primarily painted in acrylics as usual for me, but both of these two pieces also incorporate some thin oil washes over the coat for richer color and depth.

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